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Our Story

At explorEarth, our story is one of passion, expertise, and unbridled curiosity. Born from the union of adventurous spirits with backgrounds in architecture and engineering, we set out to redefine exploration in the uncharted landscapes of India. As a specialized wing of explorArchi, we blend our technical prowess with our love for the unknown, curating journeys that delve deep into the heart of untouched terrains. With a trail of over 50+ successful expeditions, we have not only unraveled the mysteries of these hidden gems but also shared our insights with fellow wanderers, fostering a community of like-minded seekers. Our story is etched in the footprints we leave on untrodden paths, the stories we unearth from ancient and modern structures, and the connections we forge with each traveler who becomes a part of our narrative.

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Highly Rated

Local Cuisine


Highly Rated


Our travel teams are led by experienced leaders, who ensure each adventure is guided with expertise and passion. We take pride in curating exceptional accommodations, all meticulously rated for comfort and authenticity, providing you with a home away from home. Delight your palate with our carefully selected local restaurants offering local cuisine, highly acclaimed for its rich flavors and cultural authenticity. To complete your seamless voyage, we offer top-tier transportation options, consistently praised for their reliability and comfort. With Explorearth, your exploration is not just a trip, but a journey of a lifetime.


Discover the transformative experiences that await you with explorEarth. Our valued travelers have shared their heartfelt stories and reflections, providing a glimpse into the remarkable journeys we've had the privilege to curate. These testimonials serve as a testament to the dedication of our passionate team, the exceptional quality of our services, and the profound impact our adventures have on those who embark upon them.

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