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Tourism in Kashmir, often referred to as "Paradise on Earth," beckons travelers with its unparalleled natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the northernmost region of India, Kashmir is renowned for its pristine landscapes, including the iconic Dal Lake and the scenic meadows of Gulmarg. Visitors can indulge in activities like shikara rides, trekking, and skiing, making it a year-round destination. The region's artistic handicrafts, delectable cuisine, and vibrant festivals. Despite occasional geopolitical tensions, Kashmir remains a captivating destination for those seeking tranquility and unmatched beauty amid the majestic Himalayas. A visit to Kashmir promises an enchanting blend of natural splendor, cultural richness, and warm-hearted hospitality, making it a destination like no other.

Our Packages

Start your majestic journey with ExplorEarth's exclusive travel packages in Kashmir. Our specially crafted itineraries promise a one-of-a-kind experience through the astonishing landscapes of this serine part of India. See our exciting packages below.

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