About Us

Our Story

The World is yours to Explore, there are so many stories to share. Are you ready embrace the wanderlust?

ExplorEarth is a community of passionate travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who believe in making travel meaningful and accessible to all. We love to travel and do that extensively meeting new people, learning about new cultures, understanding new traditions, tasting the exotic food and finally document them for you.

We seek to make travel within reach to all those seeking overwhelming cultural, culinary and globetrotting experience. We have designed our trips in such a way that you will travel through the unexplored routes, experience the local essence and flavour of the place, enjoy local cuisines and get involved in various activities that will make your time truly memorable.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is a traveller in everyone of us. That traveller who wants to seek new journey, meet different people and go beyond the usual. And ExplorEarth strives to make this a reality.

We want you to travel freely without having the hassles of planning and booking your travel needs. We have carefully curated experiences and crafted trips to suit your travel requirements. We just want you to have a worry-free experience as you travel.

What We Offer

Our trips have been crafted carefully to give you the best of experiences. ExplorEarth takes care of all your travel needs like stay, safe transportation, meals and local experiences. Our team of seasoned travel experts are constantly working behind the scene so that quality and safety is never compromised. In each of our trips, a travel expert will accompany you to ensure the best of services.

You only have to decide the place, leave the rest to us.

Who we are?

ExplorEarth is a joint collaboration by ExplorArchi and Tale of 2 Backpackers. ExploArchi has five years of experience in successfully conducting architectural group trips. Tale of 2 Backpackers, on the other hand has 15 years of travel experience behind them. Putting together years of travel expertise ExplorEarth was founded. The genesis of ExplorEarth is thus through the love of travel of all its community members.

Why Choose Us?

Handpicked Trails

Unique Experiences

Collaboration with Locals

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Value for Money

Best Services

Completely Customizable

Dedicated Support Team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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